Aston Martin Artwork Collection and history from Chris Dugan

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Some great Aston Martin Art and a little history through the pictures :
Each link after description is to the corresponding Artwork.

Picture 1: How it all started

Aston Martin Lagonda Limited is a British manufacturer of luxury sports cars and grand tourers. It was founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford.

The two had joined forces as Bamford & Martin the previous year to sell cars made by Singer from premises in Callow Street, London where they also serviced GWK and Calthorpe vehicles. Martin raced specials at Aston Hill near Aston Clinton, and the pair decided to make their own vehicles.The first car to be named Aston Martin was created by Martin by fitting a four-cylinder Coventry-Simplex engine to the chassis of a 1908 Isotta-Fraschini

To celebrate 100 years this tribute artwork has the first car next to the newest model in 2013. The setting is Callow Street where it all began. It is a fantastic picture by Chris Dugan and is limited to just 350. A must for any fan of the marque.

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Picture 2: The Aston Martin DBR1

The first Aston Martin fully designed for racing. Before the DBR1 the Sports Cars in the World Championship had to be based on road cars. Designed by Ted Cutting in 1956. This wonderful artwork is of Stirling Moss at the Nurburgring 1000km 1958. A race memorable for a stunning comeback drive by Stirling after partner Fairman lost time. This was the third victory in a row for Aston Martin at the ring and surely one of the most memorable!

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Picture 3: Aston Martin DBR1 Jim Clark Nurburgring

In 1960 Jim Clark drove the Aston Martin DBR1/300 Border Reivers entered car in the Nurburgring 1000km. A car he shared with Roy Salvador he failed to finish after engine trouble.
This great picture by Chris Dugan has the recognisable eyes of the great man above the car at speed. I love this picture because Jim Clark was famous as a versatile driver but so few pictures exist of him at the ring and even. Less people know that Jim drove the car!

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Picture 4: Jim Clark Essex Racing Stable Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

Only 19 cars were made by Aston Martin and the Italian styling house Zagato. This wonderful car the DB4 GT was built for racing and one of it’s most famous drivers was a certain Jim Clark. Jim had driven the DBR1/300 for the Border Reivers team but here he is seen in the beautiful Essex Racing stables car at the Silverstone International GT race 1962.

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Picture 5: Le Mans Winners 1959

After a few close calls Aston Martin finally realised the dream of winning Le Mans in 1959. The DBR1 of Roy Salvadori and American Carroll Shelby out lasted the opposition to delight the British crowds.
This brilliant image is available as a greeting card for any occasion such as Birthday or Christmas. Can also be mounted easily into a frame.

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Picture 6 : 1963 Aston Martin DP214

One of the most famous Aston Martin Zagato cars the DP214 was a wonderful Sports Racing car. Not Aston Martin’s most successful race car but surely one of the prettiest. The two cars built were raced at Le Mans in 1963 and the Guards Trophy Brands Hatch. The car won in Monza at the end of the season with Roy Salvador. In 1964 both cars were sold to John Downay and were raced all over the world. Daytona 2000km, Spa 500, Silverstone Gt and of course back to Le Mans.

This fine art picture shows DP214 in perfect studio stature alongside a smaller impression of the Aston racing at the 1963 Coppa Inter Europe Monza where the car was driven by Le Mans winner Roy Salvador. Available in the limited edition of 500 in this unique diamond shape.

This happens to be one of my favourite pictures as I have quite an interest in this Zagato designed car. I have quite a few period negatives which I have cleaned and produced for sale as photographs

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Picture 7: Aston Martin DB5

Designed by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera of Milan the DB5 Grand Tourer was released in 1963. It really was the height of luxury for Grand Touring with reclining seats, wool pile carpets, electric windows, twin fuel tanks, chrome wire wheels and more. As with the race cars it had a powerful straight six engine.
The DB5 was also to become synonymous as the 007 Bond car. 
This beautiful setting for the DB5 is the Swiss Alps.

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Picture 8: Aston martin DB6

The successor to the DB5 the DB6 had revised Aerodynamics and even more spec! Released in 1965 it was built until 1970.
Unlike the DB5 it really did have enough room for rear passengers. Still a straight six with 282 HP and five speed box it was still the worlds finest GT.
In this fine artwork the DB6 is seen in its natural environment outside a fine house!

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Picture 9: Aston Martin DB6 Study

The successor to the DB5 the DB6 had revised Aerodynamics and even more spec! Released in 1965 it was built until 1970.
Unlike the DB5 it really did have enough room for rear passengers. Still a straight six with 282 HP and five speed box it was still the worlds finest GT. 
This study shows details at all angles including a great insight of the interior. The talent of Chris Dugan is really highlighted in this piece of motoring art work! This celebration is limited to only 650 prints.

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Picture 10: Aston Martin DB5 & DB6

These two wonderful cars side by side in a suburban setting. Available as a greeting card for all occasions.

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Picture 11: Aston Martin DB7 
The NPX project came 14 years after the DB6 and what a car designers Ian Callum and Keith Helfet came up with. Aston Martin were now close to super car speeds with the different variations of this model, but the DB7 was still an ultimate Tourer.
Seen once again in front of a fine property this Mendip Blue car is a limited edition artwork available right now.

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Picture 12: Aston Martin “Casino” DBS James Bond Car

James Bond drives the Aston Martin DBS, the successor of the Vanquish, in the 007 films,Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.
The DBS featured in Casino Royale is silver grey. Bond receives the car in Montenegro (filmed in Czech Republic) and wrecks it in a spectacular way after a short chase. In the crash, the DBS barrel-rolled seven times, in the process breaking the record for a cannon-assisted barrel roll (the stunt car had an air-powered cannon behind the driver). Special features of the car include a secret compartment which contains Bond's Walther P99 gun, and an emergency medical kit with components of an emergency medical link to MI6, and a small defibrillator.

A stunning addition to any collection of art.

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Picture 13 Aston Martin V8s At Goodwood Volant POW Ecurie Ecosse & V8 Vantage X Pack

This motor car was constructed by Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, Newport Pagnell, in 1988 to the special order of the McCaig brothers, Patrons of the Ecurie Ecosse (Scottish) Racing Team. The factory built 26 examples of the “Prince of Wales” specification Vantage Volante before V8 production finally ceased in December 1989. Of these 26 cars, three were built to a special body specification which incorporated the Vantage’s spoilered boot lid and blanked front grille (which on this car has been replaced with the more traditional mesh grille). Now finished in Welsh Green (dark green) with a new Dark Green Mohair Hood and a Tan Hide Interior piped in Dark Green with Green Carpeting bound in Tan Hide. Specification includes both Fog and Driving Lights, Sports Exhaust System, 16” Ronal Alloy Wheels, Foot Rest to Passenger Foot Well, Remote Alarm System with Central Locking, Power Hood

V8 Vantage ‘X-pack’
(1986 - 1989)
formally known as Series 3. Also known as V580X or 'X-pack'

Once the limited edition Zagato was firmly in production, attention turned back to the Vantage. The X-pack or more correctly 580X is distinguished by larger 16 inch diameter wheels and the a version of the V8 engine effectively taken from the Zagato. The above rather special car is a UK specification 1988 example finished in Coniston Sand and unusually from new, the car features a stainless steel mesh V8 style grille. Generally speaking, only Vantage models exported outside Europe were fitted with the open grille to aid cooling.

This unique picture is limited to 650

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Picture14: 1970 - 71 Aston Martin V8 at Newport Pagnell

In production the from 1969 to 1989 the mighty V8 Aston is one of the all time great classics. Taking over from the straight six the V8 was immediately a large bore GT with a 5.3 litre lump. With such a long production run it really saw the ups and downs at Aston Martin.
This tribute picture is of an early car outside the Newport Pagnell head quarters. Limited to only 650 prints


Picture 15: Gerry Marshall and his three Aston Martins

A tribute to racing legend Gerry Marshall who famously drove the three cars featured on this art work.
The DBR4 Formula One car, Marsh Plant DB4 and mighty DBS v8
Available as a greeting card for all occassions such as birthday or Christmas. Could easily be placed in a small frame

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Picture 16: Aston Martin DBR9 Racer

Debuted in 2005 as a GT1 Le Mans racer this car is a racing classic. Based on the DB9 road car it retained a lot of the cars running gear, but with a carbon fibre panelled body and over 650 HP it was no road car!
The works team won the GT1 Championship and raced all across the world including Le Mans and Daytona.
This action print is simply stunning.

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Picture 17: Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 debut car.

A return to racing for Aston Martin and a famous win in the Silverstone Tourist trophy. The DBr9 became a modern classic racer. This superb large limited to only 100 print celebrates Aston Martin racing and winning!

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Picture 18: The Iconic DBR9 S Gulf Racing

In 2007 Aston Martin launched the DBS road car a not to dissimilar car to the DBR9 and featured in the 007 Bond Film Casino Royale. The car was raced that season with number 007 & 009 in honour of Mr Bond.
I personally think the Gulf Coloured Astons were the most striking to race especially at Le Mans where they caught the imagination of not just the regular fans but the youngsters too!
This iconic print is available as a numbered and signed edition of 500

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The Aston Martin Lola was a return to top flight motor racing for the marque in 2008 after the purchase of a chassis from Lola. The next generation BO9/60 was an evolution designed and used by Aston Martin. With it’s Gulf Racing colours and 007 number it was a favourite at Le Mans and in the LMP1 series.
The car in this amazing piece of art not only competed at Le Mans but actually won overall in Barcelona the same year. Limited to just 120 prints

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Picture 20: Aston Martin Bio DBRS9

The Lord Grayson Bio Fuel was the first car of it’s type to win a round of the British GT championship. At Snetterton in 2007 Paul Drayson and Johnny Cocker claimed a famous win.
This tribute picture is limited to only 350 prints and is a must for Aston Martin collectors


Picture 21 NEW FOR 2018 Aston Martin  DB6


Aston Martin DB6 Study The successor to the DB5 the DB6 had revised Aerodynamics and even more spec! Released in 1965 it was built until 1970. Unlike the DB5 it really did have enough room for rear passengers. Still a straight six with 282 HP and five speed box it was still the worlds finest GT. This study shows details from a front and rear aspect. The talent of Chris Dugan is really highlighted in this piece of motoring art work! This celebration is limited to only 650 prints.



LM GTE Pro battle of 2017 didn't just come down to a last hour shootout but last lap! 

Driven by Jonny Adam, Daren Turner and Daniel Serra the trio claimed a famous victory for Aston Martin that was decided at the Mulsanne chicane. On the very last lap during amazingly close racing the Corvette punctured a tyre going wide! This picture is coming through the trees on route to Arnage. This really is a stunning image by one of the World's best Racing Artists!

Limited to only 350 prints

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LMGTE Pro has some stunning entries but the Aston to me is the jewel in the crown. The car was driven by Alex Lynn, Maxim Martin and Jonny  Adam In this picture the car is seen in front of the Ford GT coming through the trees on route to Arnage
This really is a stunning image by one of the World's best Racing Artists!

Limited to only 350 prints
Size Approx  80 x 46 cm
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I hope you have enjoyed this collection of Aston Martin art and of course I would be delighted if you purchase some. Chris the artist and myself have always been fans of the marque. I myself have always longed for a decent attempt at winning Le Mans. Maybe in 2020 they will again be punching above their weight! Lets hope so.



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