The Halo: Or is it the Flip Flop

April 03, 2018  •  1 Comment

To be honest I think I am getting old and out of touch! It's just, I do feel that Formula 1 is too obsessed with safety. Don't get me wrong I do not want to go back to the days when drivers were dying left right and centre. But I would love to see a bit less fretting about our F1 mega stars.

I turned on the Grand Prix this Sunday, and although I have had, up until now, no complaints with the aesthetics of Halo design, I did kind of think the cars looked like prams from the onboard camera. Quite frankly I find it a bit absurd that the regulators find the protection of the top stars more important than any other drivers. Up until now I have not really thought of it this way. 

My question is this: "Is it ok for a Formula 3 driver to drive with out a halo"?

Maybe young F3 drivers and GP2 drivers lives are not as important? It must be OK for kids in Karting to hurt themselves! I don't write like this to be flippant but there does not seem to be a good balance between an extreme sport and safe at all costs sport.

So to provide you with a couple of things to ponder from news pieces released this weekend. 

Jenson Button has signed up to drive the TWR Jaguar XJR9 at the Le mans Classic. After years in the safety of F1 he will hurtle down the Mulsanne straight at over 200 miles an hour in a thirty year old car. The only explanation is that now he is out of the Limelight of F1 he does not need looking after.

The amazing young man Billy Monger came third this weekend in his first Formula 3 race since loosing both legs in a terrible racing crash.  So why in the eyes of F1 is it OK for Billy to race again without a Halo?


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