Le Mans 24 What To Do Now?

July 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

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Since writing my last Blog "BURNING TENTS AND THE ACO “s GREED?" I have been inundated with messages, replies and comments about similar incidents that have spoilt peoples enjoyment of the Le Mans experience. Now I write my blog as a motor racing fan who enjoys writing and of course as seller of motoring memorabilia. Not as revolutionary so to speak! But I do feel that after the support other fans have shown me I must at least use this opportunity to bring some of their problems to light. 

I looks like have the got the ear of a few representatives who may have access to the powers to be at the ACO. I have also been asked to start a petition to them! But here is the problem "What exactly are we the collective asking for?' 

There is a fine line between over policing the event and what we have now which is a free for all! I have a few ideas what I would like to see done but Mad Max and his chums, who don't forget read these forums, rather like the Thunderdome!

I will put down just a few things, that from reading all the comments, I believe should be changed or looked into and I hope that you will all give your views on each point. If it seems to be overwhelmingly clear that there is agreement on them I will do my best to get them to the powers to be. Lets see what you all think.


1 OPEN FIRES: Although fun to many it does seem crazy in a packed campsite. It is clear that so many people have had there weekend ruined by this.


2 Security: A properly trained professional security from Monday to Monday, that can just step in when things seem to be getting a little out of hand. 


3 Fireworks: No Fireworks on site. So many problems with them.


4 Fireworks: Dedicated areas for safe release. An idea adopted at big events in Germany. 


5 Gate security: A review of exactly what it is for? Is it alcohol? Arms? Knives? Terrorists? 


I am now of to Silverstone for the Grand prix. In stark contrast to Le Mans it is a bit of a rip off, lacks good spectator views but the Campsite at Woodlands does have a lot going for it now-days. We shall see!





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