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RARE LOTUS COLLECTION PART TWO: On my travels buying and selling motoring memorabilia I get to meet an awful lot of interesting people, none more than two former employees of Lotus cars whom I have just bought two rare collections from. 
Both gentleman worked at the Delemare Road factory at Cheshunt in the 1960s and what struck me after all these years was their enthusiasm for the Marque. The first one worked in the Lotus Components building before moving onto sales and then finally working for the famous Rob Walker. The other was with the sales department from day one. 
It was quite obvious that both of them had other successful careers outside their years at Lotus, but for both men it seemed the time they had spent there was one of the highlights of their lives.
As we flicked through some of the photographs they had taken on promotional shoots it was great to hear and share the stories.
“Can you imagine we were just youngsters let loose with sports cars we could never afford. We would cruise down to London with our sharp suits and pull the girls. What more could we want”

313313 get the impression Colin Chapman would let anything go as long as the cars were seen and the lads got the sales.
One particular set of pictures with a pretty girl outside a traditional pub made me smile as I was informed with a pointing finger “This pretty girl here was no model. Me and the photographer would cruise around the countryside looking for a good location. The girl in this one happened to be in the pub when we stopped for a beer. She was a hairdresser cutting the landladies hair!” Judging by her appearance in lots of the pictures, I think they has a great day out!
The cars were often taken to Sloan Square Chelsea and Carnaby St. I guess the cars stuck out a mile in the 1960s so this was great promotion. My favourite picture is of the very first Europa parked in London with the driver beside in a fantastic sharp 60s suit! Wow no wonder they loved their jobs!


The second part of the photographic section and other rare items will be sold commencing 20th of February at my eBay shop Motoring-man




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