The British Grand Prix and Brexit “Deal or no Deal”

July 21, 2019  •  Leave a Comment


I was lying in bed this morning and reflecting on the fact that I missed the British GP last weekend. A couple of weeks ago I was wondering if it would be my last opportunity to see another F1 race at Silverstone. But of course now they have a deal for five years. Deal! That was the word...And where have we heard that before!

For years it seems that Silverstone negotiated with an unelected Bernie Ecclestone declaring they must have a Grand Prix in Northampton. Every year it seems they rolled over and got a lousy deal which nearly bankrupted them.

But enough was enough and no deal was on the table this time. The circuit could concentrate on the the Moto GP and various international series like WEC if they could not secure a good contract for the Grand Prix.

So here we are and Silverstone have negotiated a better deal. There are no details of the new contract but we must speculate that it is a lot better.

So the BRDC who have been described in the past as lousy negotiators, have put “No Deal” on the table and come out smelling of roses. Maybe they should negotiate a deal for the UK Government with the EU!



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