Happy New Year 2020 & Enzo Ferrari

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A Happy New Year to all my customers. I have a feeling 2002 is going to be a fantastic year.
I have just been reading an article on Le Mans 1966 film. A great motor sport story and brilliant piece of entertainment that has dominated the internet's racing pages since it’s launch! The article implies the Directors of the film included a scene of Enzo in the Le Mans pits, because he was a true sportsman and would have appreciated Ford’s hard work!
A nice thought but absolute rubbish! He was as hard nosed as you could get in relationship to such things! For those who are not aware Enzo never visited the race and scarcely ever saw his cars race.
In fact a little known story from 1965 was that he was willing to sacrifice the 1965 winning car when it became clear the NART Ferrari of Rindt and Gregory was going to win! He was horrified that the lesser known underdog Ferrari could win after an amazing race, because he had a deal with Dunlop tyres and not the Goodyears on the NART car! But it is only a film and a very good one at that so I have no problem with it at all.
But it did get me thinking.


Link above is to top picture by Chris Dugan



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