A Tribute To Jaguar Cars through The Art Of Chris Dugan

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Some great Art and a little history through the pictures :

Each link after description is to the corresponding Artwork.

The Jaguar XK120

The Jaguar XK120: Wow what a great second car as a manufacturer! It was built from 1948 to 1954 and there were over 12,000 made. Available as a fixed head or drop head coupe it certainly looked a 120MPH car as the name implied.

In racing it achieved notable victories across the world none more famous than the 1950 Tourist Trophy where a young Stirling Moss won at Dundrod aged 21 (It was his Birthday). Le Mans eluded the XK120 after a good showing but was of course replaced quite early on with the close relative the C Type. As an XK120 it was twice a winner of the Alpine Rally.

The now famous straight six engine was the class of the age for power and reliability and not widely celebrated is the many speed records once held by the XK120! The most significant must be the 100.31 average speed of a full seven days, set at Montlhery Paris.

s-l1600 (47)s-l1600 (47)

This stunning new artwork is a limited edition print of only 650 is signed by the artist Chris Dugan. Size is approx 57 x 42 c
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Number 2:

s-l1600 (48)s-l1600 (48)

The XK120 Below is a 50 x 63 cm limited edition print. Under the lights of Alexander palace

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The Jaguar C Type

Jaguar C Type: The Jaguar XK120-C was a winner straight out of the box by winning it’s firs race. Based on the running gear of the XK120 with an aerodynamic body it won the worlds most famous race Le Mans in 1951 & 1953. Disk brakes were used on the latter car which in turn led to the braking revolution that lead to nearly all cars in the world fitted with them as standard! The 1953 car was the first to win the 24 Hour race with an average speed of over 100mph! 53 C Types were built in total making it extremely rare.

Many of the worlds greatest drivers have driven Jaguar C Types including the legends Stirling Moss and Phil Hill. Behind the scenes notable engineer and test driver Norman Dewis played a massive part in the cars development.

s-l1600 (45)s-l1600 (45)

This stunning artwork is a limited edition print of only 650 is signed by the artist Chris Dugan. Size is approx 57 x 42 cm. The car is a 1953 example in British Racing Green.
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Jaguar XK140

The XK140 was the natural successor to the XK120. Introduced in 1954 for 1955. The badge was a celebration of the two Le Mans wins. Although not a 140MPH car like the badge hints at, it was a fast 120MPH +  car. The straight 6 engine had the C Type head and produced approximately 190 BHP.


s-l1600 (54)s-l1600 (54)

Jaguar XK140 limited to only 140 signed and numbered prints. Size is 57x42cm.

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Jaguar D Type

Ah the D Type my favourite Jaguar! A follow on from the C Type built specifically to race and to most importantly win Le Mans. The sleek new aero body, largely the work of Malcolm Sayer made the D Type not only beautiful, but competitive and with a top speed of 170MPH + it was one of the worlds’ fastest cars!

Le Mans eluded Jaguar in 1954 but the D Type won in 1955, 1956 & 1957. The last two wins were courtesy of a the famous Ecurie Ecosse racing team.

Famous drivers of the D Type included Mike Hawthorn, Stirling Moss and Briggs Cunningham.

The selection of stunning artwork below are all limited editions and fine tributes to this amazing car!


s-l1600 (51)s-l1600 (51)

Stirling moss at Arnage corner 1954 Le Mans 24 Hours. This picture is one of Stirling’s favourites with a copy hanging in his London home. Limited to only 250 prints with a size of 73 x 27cm all signed and numbered.

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s-l1600 (52)s-l1600 (52)

Stirling Moss Jaguar D Type celebration. With reference to Norman Dewis. Limited to just 250 prints. Size 73cm x 27cm.

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  s-l1600 (50)s-l1600 (50)                              

The 1955 Jaguar D Type 3.4 litre Le Mans winner driven by Mike Hawthorn. Limited to 650 signed prints.

The size is 57cm X 42cm.

This car won the 1955 Le Mans 24 hours after completing 2569.61 miles at an average speed of 107.08mph. Driven by Mike Hawthorn and Ivor Bueb.

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s-l1600 (53)s-l1600 (53)

New for 2018. This really is a beautiful scene of the D Type outside a country home. Limited to 650 signed and numbered prints. Size is 56cm x 42cm.

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s-l500 (19)s-l500 (19)

Ecurie Ecosse

The tiny Scottish racing team that took on and beat the best race teams in the world, with the beautiful D-Type Jaguar, on two occasions at Le Mans.

Limited to only 650 prints
Size 42 x 30 cm 

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The Jaguar XK150

                      The next model after the XK140 and the final incarnation of the XK series, again with the badge depicting more success at Le Mans! A very fast 130MPH car with engine developments from the D Type racer. Launched in 1957 and built until 1961 the XK150 was available in both coupe and drop head. The power output increased year on year.

s-l1600 (55)s-l1600 (55)

This XK150 print is limited to 150 signed and numbered copies. Size is 50 x 63 cm

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Jaguar MK1

The first proper saloon from Jaguar the MK1 was produced for four years between 1955 and 1959.

s-l1600 (58)s-l1600 (58)
This is a 1959 MK1 Jaguar which featured in the TV series Inspector Morse. Limited to only 650 signed and numbered prints with a size of 52 x 40cm.

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s-l500 (20)s-l500 (20)

Jaguar MK1 Mike Hawthorn car. Stunning print of 650 signed and numbered by Chris Dugan. Size is 57 x 42cm.

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The Mark 2 Jaguar

Produced from 1959 to 1967 it was the Saloon car to own in the 1960s. Grace, Space, Pace really was an apt description for this wonderful car.

s-l1600 (59)s-l1600 (59)

Jaguar MK2 3.8 litre depicted here in three images. Limited to 650 signed and numbered prints. Size 57 x 42cm.

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s-l1600 (60)s-l1600 (60)

Jaguar MK2 3.8 litre Straight Six. One of my favourite prints. This beautiful car in blue is limited to 650 signed and numbered images. 55 x 40cm size.

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The E Type Jaguar or XK E as it was known in the States is surely the most recognised sports car in the world. Produced from 1961 to 1975 it was based upon the racing Jaguar D Type. With a massive top speed of nearly 150MPH it was the car to be seen in. With many famous stars owning an E Type it still to this day epitomises  the marque.

In racing a lightweight aluminium bodied car was produced in low numbers and had a lot of success across the world.


s-l1600 (57)s-l1600 (57)

This E Type celebration print is 57 x 42 cm and is limited to only 650 signed and numbered prints. This really is a wonderful print to own and will hang pride of place in any collection.

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$_12 (2)$_12 (2)

Jaguar E Type Car Tribute. A limited edition run of 650 all signed and numbered by Chris Dugan. The size is 41 x 55cm. Beautiful art!

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Fifty Years Of The E Type tribute print. Only 500 signed and numbered editions of this wonderful image! Size is 39 x 46cm.

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Jaguar XJ6


A celebration of a Jaguar icon the XJ6. Limited to just 650 signed and numbered prints. Size is 56 x 40cm.

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