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Stunning high quality Group C photographs that will constantly be updated with new additions
1987-01 Elgh-Lees-Jones, Toyota 87C1989-02 Regout-Robinson-Yorino, Mazda 767B1989-03 Giacomelli-Takahashi-Lavaggi, Porsche 962CK21990-02 Iketani-Olivar-Lavaggi, Porsche 962CArgo #126Aston Martin #18Aston Martin #19Cougar #12Cougar #113Two classic group C legends: Lancia LC2 & Neman Porsche 956 Brands Hatch 1000km 1984GP380The start of the 1984 Brands Hatch 1000km 1984Richard Lloyd Racing Porsche 962 Brands Hatch 1000kmEarly stages of the 1000km Brands Hatch 1984Skol Bandit Porsche 956 Leads the Newman Porsche 956 Brands Hatch 1984Charles Ivey Racing Grid S2 Brands Hatch 1000km 1984GP386Joest Racing Porsche 956 1985 Brands Hatch 1000km 1984GP388Porsche Kremer CK5 Brands Hatch 1000km 1984