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Gilles Villeneuve Tribute: The Peoples Champion!

Gilles Villeneuve Tribute: The Peoples Champion!

The wildest most exciting Formula one driver ever! Gilles was the peoples champion and was a legend in the Ferrari.
A picture on the wall that makes you smile when you think of Gilles!
Limited to only 500 prints
Signed and numbered by the artist
52 x 36 CM

Size 52 x 36cm
Subcategory:Motor Sports
Subcategory Detail:Grand Prix
Keywords:36, 500, CM, Ferrari.A, Formula, Gilles, Gilles!Limited, The, a, and, and, artist52, by, champion, driver, ever!, exciting, in, legend, makes, most, numbered, of, on, one, only, peoples, picture, printsSigned, smile, that, the, the, the, the, think, to, wall, was, was, when, wildest, x, you, you